05 March 2014

Bible Study: Satan (Matthew 4:1-11)

Here is an inductive Bible study to help you or a group think about this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading.

Getting started

      The devil is often humorously characterized as a horned figure in red long underwear. What is your understanding of Satan?

Exploring God’s word

1    When does this incident occur in relation to Jesus’ life and ministry? Why do you think it should occur at this particular time?

2    In what way did Satan seek to lead Jesus astray with the first temptation? How does Satan tempt you in similar ways? How does Jesus address this temptation?
3    In what ways was the second temptation both similar to and different from the first? What particular ruse does Satan employ to trick Jesus? How can we stand our ground against seemingly pious arguments for doing wrong?
4    To what within Jesus does Satan appeal with his third approach? How does this reveal the true goal underlying all of his temptations? What do you think Satan’s desire is for you?
5    What happens after Jesus rebuffs Satan for the third time? How has God ministered to you at vulnerable points in your life?

For further thought and action

What can we learn from this passage about the nature of temptation and how to withstand it?

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